A Journey called Joy

Some journeys are more enjoyable than the destinations! Here’s a lovely post by young writer Aditi Anand. Happy reading! via A Journey called Joy

Fighting the Plastic Peril

Walking through the busy streets of Triplicane (in Chennai, India) as a child, there's one scene that always caught my eye- The flower sellers stringing beautiful Jasmine flowers while engaging in joyful banter with their counterparts. What fascinated me most, was the way their fingers worked with utmost ease and precision. While they chatted away, they... Continue Reading →

Tirumala- An Experience Like No Other

Sandwiched from all sides by a frenzied crowd of devotees, all calling out 'Govinda Govinda’ as if lost in a trance, I'm quickly swept off my feet and carried along by the waves of people in this mighty ocean. There's only one thought going through my mind- this is an experience like no other! The Venkateswara... Continue Reading →

A Momentary Reverie

As I wait in my car watching the busy road with vehicles racing past me, a melodious number plays on 91.9 FM. I instantly realize it's one of those precious moments that gives me the luxury to sit back and relax- even if it's just a few minutes- those are my very own! In that... Continue Reading →

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