When the going gets tough…courage is all you need!

I’ve heard people say, “Life isn’t a bed of roses”.  And boy, do I agree! Firstly, life isn’t a bed at all. It’s neither a bed of roses, nor the Garden of Eden. And no, it’s not a path full of thorns either. It’s anything but static. It’s dynamic. In short, life is full of life! It’s an exciting journey of ups and downs, of joy and sorrow, of choices and compulsions, of options and opportunities, of right and wrong, and of all the grey areas in between. So let’s leave all these adages behind and remember one thing- Life is what we decide to make of it.

I know that sounds oversimplified. And the truth is that we all go through struggles or sorrow at some point in our lives. Some may experience irreversible losses, some may be fighting a fatal disease, some may face repeated failure, others struggle for a single meal a day, and yet others go through unimaginable physical or mental trauma. For some, the prospect of living a happy life is almost invisible. It seems to them as if they have reached some dead-end from where there is no way forward. And yes, the realities of life are often disheartening. But think of it this way- What’s life without challenges to overcome and hurdles to cross? What’s life if it doesn’t show us pain so we can appreciate the absence of it? What’s life if it’s only ‘a bed of roses’? Wouldn’t we all grow tired of it?

Sometimes life does put us through situations that we wish had never existed. And these are the times we feel so heavily weighed down that we find it hard to get up. But if there’s one thing that can keep us going even when we’re living the worst nightmare, it is Courage. And no, courage is not about being fearless. I believe that courage is a natural by-product of fear. It is courage that will lead us to discover the path that was very much there, but somehow escaped our sight all along.

Let’s admit that being courageous is not easy. It requires inspiration, faith, perseverance, hope and an undying spirit to live! But once you’ve taken the first step towards it, the path clears up. Once you’ve embraced courage, it takes over your mind and renders all the strength and support you need to sail out of the storm and write off your struggle- in its face!

6 thoughts on “When the going gets tough…courage is all you need!

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  1. Out of your whole experience every reader of this will certainly agree one sentence as it happens to everybody.
    “Can’t recollect even a single thing,you wanted to tell or ask”Good as usual
    “Ventarama sangeethanam Govinda
    Govinda “

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