A Momentary Reverie

As I wait in my car watching the busy road with vehicles racing past me, a melodious number plays on 91.9 FM. I instantly realize it’s one of those precious moments that gives me the luxury to sit back and relax- even if it’s just a few minutes- those are my very own! In that dreamy moment I wonder why life has become so mechanical. Just like the vehicles passing by, everyone these days seems to be in a hurry, and it always seems like there’s no time- no time for little pleasures like a lazy stroll in the park or an evening of jolly banter with some good old friends. This isn’t how life used to be. What has changed?

For a minute I think it’s me- that I’ve embraced my role and the responsibilities that come with it and that’s why free time seems like a rare luxury. But I quickly realize that’s not it. Everything has changed. Even kids these days are busy. They hardly have time for outdoor play. They’re either being hauled by parents from one after-school class to another or left interacting with their over-smart digital devices that are slowly replacing actual friends- a dangerous trend.

Harsh realities like these make me long for the days when I used to tell my parents that I’m bored and I have nothing to do, just so that they would let me go out and play. Will our kids ever realize what it means to play in the sun all day and come home just to complete the ‘formality’ of eating? Will they ever know the joy of climbing trees or jumping over the neighbors’ gates to find a lost ball? Will they ever know what it feels like to learn to ride a bicycle with friends who are yet to learn it themselves but are willing to teach you?!

The RJ’s squeaky voice breaks my reverie as the melody comes to an end. At that same moment I have a Premonition of someone rapping at the window of my car. The sound jerks me back to reality and I see my son at the window. He’s amused by the look on my face. Little does he know I’ve just returned from a brief ‘thought vacation’! As I drive back home smiling to myself, I wish my vacation had lasted longer. But then I’m reminded of Robert Frost’s famous lines- “I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.”

5 thoughts on “A Momentary Reverie

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  1. Past erase the future now ! Technology killed human relations,it will be all dead when every home buys a robot for everyday use.I don’t know how we can change that,but definitely humans need some kind of fight.Good post !

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    1. Thanks! Yes, I agree…technology is largely responsible, and as you say we have to fight to bring about positive change. And maybe we can leverage technology to bring about that change! Like say for example, designing a game that requires you go out and play to gain points or spend a day with your friends/family to get to the next level 😊. Just a thought!

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