Swallow the past. Hope’s the way forward

The past doesn’t exist anymore. It was just here but now it’s not. It brought something with it, left something behind and took something before going. Everything that exists now will sooner or later be in the past. The breath I take, the thought crossing my mind, this feeling I have right now, this moment, this night…everything will pass.

When it has passed, it becomes unchangeable. But the present is right here for me to make, to create, to build, to nurture, to nourish, to appreciate, to thank, to reflect, to dream, and to prepare…to prepare for what the future may or may not bring, to prepare to face whatever comes my way, to prepare myself for the unchanging uncertainty of life!

Yesterday is beyond my reach and tomorrow doesn’t exist unless I wake up to it. All I have is ‘today’, this moment, this minute, this second and each of these is a small step amongst the many I need to take while treading the path of uncertainty towards one thing certain- HOPE! So I swallow my past–both bitter and sweet and work my way through this massive maze…for I’m sure there’s always hope!

Image Courtesy: geralt, Pixabay

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