The Mystery of My Missing Necklace

I know that sounds like the title of an Enid Blyton book, but this one’s my story. The story of my not-so-precious, yet very precious necklace. A very dear friend of mine who lives in the US came to India a few years ago. She paid a visit and brought me a gift- A beautiful simulated crystal necklace that I fell in love with instantly! As she gave it to me she said something that I’ll never forget! “Ramya, the moment I saw it, I knew it’s meant for you”, she said. It kind of touched my heart. More often than not, we buy gifts to fulfill a formality. But sometimes you know there’s love and sincerity where it comes from. So I held on to her words as I held on to the necklace quite dearly.

For a long time though, I didn’t get a chance to wear it. That’s because the piece is so beautiful that I didn’t want to pair it with the wrong clothes or earrings. So I thought I should get something that goes with it! Every now and then I’d take it out, admire it and remind myself to go shopping for an outfit that would best suit the necklace. But with life getting as busy as it does, it didn’t quite make it to the top of my priority list. “It can wait a little longer,” I thought, “there are more important things to be done first.”

And then it happened! When I looked for it one day, it just wasn’t there! It was as if the necklace had read my thoughts and decided to leave. Gone forever, never to return.

I just couldn’t find it! I knew exactly where I had kept it, but it wasn’t there. The next few days, I went on a searching spree. Seeing me anxious, my family search squad offered to help. We all looked for it frantically. I looked up the lofts, lockers, cupboards, even the glove box of my car! I looked in places I wouldn’t dream of keeping that necklace…but I wanted to leave no stone unturned. We searched the house up and down, left, right and center. But it was gone! Of all the emotions I felt, guilt was predominant. I kept thinking that somehow I betrayed my friend’s trust. It was my fault that I didn’t take good care of something that was given to me with love.

The last time I remembered seeing it was before we went to visit our family in Hyderabad during the December holidays. Hyderabad is a great place for shopping and I was hoping to find the matching clothes and earrings I had been waiting for. So I had taken a picture of the necklace on my phone and remembered putting it back where I took it from. That was 4 months ago. It wasn’t there now. I was dejected, feeling helpless and angry with myself, to say the least. My family thought I had gone crazy. They laughed at me. But little did they know how much I had grown attached to it. It meant more than just some material possession. It was a gift from my friend!

The thought of having lost the necklace haunted me day and night. I went about my day-to-day chores but somewhere in my mind the image of that necklace continued to linger.

This morning as I sat looking at the picture of the necklace on my phone, a thought crossed my mind. The bottom-most of the drawers of my dresser hadn’t been sliding in fully the last few weeks. I thought the channels needed to be replaced. But it never occurred to me to check if there was some obstruction that prevented it from sliding fully in. So I slid it fully open, switched on the torch on my phone and peeped through to see if there was some obstruction. There it was! The moment I saw it I recognized it- the carefully bubble-wrapped packet which contained my necklace…I slowly pulled it out and opened it. Imagine my joy when I lay eyes on that precious little thing! I was so elated, I screamed and thanked my lucky stars. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It felt as if a long-drawn mystery had finally resolved itself. I sat there beaming in joy, staring at it for a long time, wondering what brought it back to me, and my friend’s words rang in my head- “Ramya, the moment I saw it, I knew it’s meant for you!”

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  1. Ramya. It really was meant for you alone. Precious things never are found in the open. THEY ARE HIDDEN….you know it now.

    Happy Friendship
    Happy Gifting.

    Hyderabad continues to be the right place to shop. Welcome here and find the best. Follow your heart.

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  2. It I Once again.Ramya,It is meant for you. It is not only
    Your friend ‘s wish,God’ wish too. Obstruction in sliding door has prevented your children or maid or somebody would have taken
    (Not theft)and misplaced. Mostly you wouldn’t have got back.But here you have destined to get.
    Generally it is “Out of sight is out of mind”
    But in your case vice versa

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  3. I’m delighted that you found your necklace. As you say, gifts given in love mean much more than those presented out of a sense of duty.

    I wore a chain for many years, which was given to me by my sister as a birthday present. One day the chain broke and I placed it in a sealed envelope in the bottom drawer of my chest of drawers. Sadly I haven’t been able to locate it, despite having searched high and low.


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