When the going gets tough…courage is all you need!

I’ve heard people say, “Life isn’t a bed of roses”.  And boy, do I agree! Firstly, life isn't a bed at all. It’s neither a bed of roses, nor the Garden of Eden. And no, it’s not a path full of thorns either. It’s anything but static. It’s dynamic. In short, life is full of... Continue Reading →

Padmaavat, Through My Eyes…

I’m no film connoisseur or critic, but I know enough to understand the kind of time, effort, and planning that goes into making each and every film.  As an avid film-watcher I have learned to appreciate the different aspects of world cinema and take pride in the fact that Indian cinema is breaking several barriers... Continue Reading →

What’s in the Name?

Life, after all is a treasure trove of experiences, emotions, ideas and opinions. Complex as its design may seem, the myriad of colours and curious patterns that emerge clearly make our journey more enjoyable. And that's what's in the name 'My KalEYEdoscope'! An attempt to share my views through the kaleidoscope of life...

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